Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Table View: Deerfield gated community

News update: Rental drastically reduced

Ideal for Senior Citizens:
-. Gated community - Safe
- All on one level.

Smart, completely renovated 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home. Close to all amenities.

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Fusion( Private property)


Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Rental in luxury retirement village, Cape Town

Cape Town rental in luxury retirement village              Available on short notice, negotiable.

Fully furnished and equipped two bedroomed ( both en-suite), luxury apartment with glass enclosed balcony, in The Oasis Retirement Resort in Century City, Cape Town.
1 x Basement parking plus 1x open parking
All amenities included. High security.
Minimum 5 months, longer negotiable.
Highly recommended!
Enquire at the Oasis sales office with Cindy, Lorenda or Linda.
Telephone: 021 250 0592/3
E Mail: csheard@oasisretirementresort.co.za cell 082 495 7168
             lorenda@oasisretirementresort.co.za cell 083 270 4755
             linda@oasisretirementresort.co.za  cell 082 785 6160

Should I move to a retirement village and rent first?

An increase in the awareness amongst seniors of the importance of frail care and security are resulting in retirement villages and resorts experiencing increasing demand for accommodation. There is a wide selection to choose from, all varying in lifestyle, amenities and security levels.
If you are uncertain, you can always consider renting before making your final decision.
Taste the lifestyle, the peace of mind and the tremendous community spirit that you will find in such an environment. You still have your privacy and it is up to you to decide to what extent you wish to participate in the many social and other organised excursions.
Living in a retirement resort has become a decision that more  senior citizens are considering and when they do,there is a wide variety of questions that enters the equation. Here are some of them:
-Affordability. How much can I pay? How much can I afford to invest in what will probably be my final purchase? If you have a house to sell, can you invest it in a retirement village or do I need to retain some of that income to invest for a regular monthly income?
Buy or rent?
Many units in retirement villages across South Africa are available for long term or short term rent and it not always necessary to buy. Some villages offer the option to purchase a life right. Prices and conditions vary from scheme to scheme, so first decide where you want to live before you investigate the available life right schemes in your chosen area.
This is one of the most important decisions that you will make.
Do you want to be close to where you used to live? Think of your family, friends, your support systems including your doctor, dentist, attorney, church, even your bridge club or golf club,etc. This is particularly important if you are no longer driving your own car or have other mobility challenges.
Once you have decided in which area you wish to live, by all means surf the Internet or contact us for free advice. Write to us at pensionpower@gmail.com.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Rental : Furnished granny flat in Sea Point.

Situated in a quiet street in the heart of Sea Point below Highlevel Road.
The flat is fully furnished and has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms plus lounge and kitchen. One of the double bedrooms leads onto a private patio. It also has a garage.
This is a very nice apartment, recently renovated and kept immaculate by the owner.
Maximum 2 people sharing. Rental R8000.00 per month. No short rentals. Deposit and credit check required.
For further details phone Jenny on 082 366 8777

Friday, 14 October 2011

Advice to landlords letting to seniors citizens.

Letting to seniors has many advantages. As a rule they are the perfect tenants. They are stable and will stay for a long period if they are happy. They normally are reliable, good payers, quiet, neat and tidy.
It is difficult to lay down definite guidelines in view of the fact that circumstances can vary so much from fit and energetic seniors to less mobile and frail tenants.
Before a landlord commits himself to a senior rental it is important that he familiarises himself with the prospective tenants, their requirements and their circumstances.
Landlords must remember that by renting to tenants of any age group he enters into a lease with paying tenants and that brings about responsibilities. If he is interested in the money only or looking for a spare time gardener or babysitter, seniors probably are not the ideal tenants. .
A few pointers when considering senior tenants:
If they have difficulty in walking the accommodation should have as few steps as possible. If they are frail. loose carpets should be avoided.
Taps must be in good working order and easy to open and close. Access to the bath or shower should be safe. Install a grab handle if neccessary. Most falls occur in the bathroom or kitchen, often with grave consequences.
Light switches must be conveniently located and easy to use. Do not expect a frail person to get out of bed to switch off the light or to feel his way in the darkness to find a light switch. The elderly often get up at night to go to the bathroom.
Good lighting and adequate security in and around the property is important. There are good safety tips on our security page. Click  here to view-  http://www.seniorcitizen.co.za/SecurityTips.htm
Make your policy regarding pets and animals clear from the start. Avoid animals that could cause conflict. Few things can grate one's nerves as much as the continuous shrill call of an African Grey or dog poo on the lawn, etc.
Seniors normally consider themselves no different to other people and do not expect to be treated differently but with some empathy for their specific needs.
Allways do a credit check. Contact one of the following companies for this purpose:
 Transunion    086  1482482
 Experian       086  1105665
 Compuscan  086  1514131